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Apres Workshop

  • WP2: Johannes checks wording of REleASE and HESPERIA/REleASE
  • WP2: Publish HESPERIA/REleASE (Johannes, Patrick and Bernd). Prepare Overleaf
  • WP8: Recommendation document submitted
  • WP4: Factor 10 for validation. Write internal report
  • WP4: Since yield function is sensitive from 1 GV onwards increase lower energy for the time intensity profile. Rolf will check his part.Check the intensity units for the EPHIN data
  • WP4: Improve Neus script (Validation plot, Johannes and Patrick)
  • WP4: Internal document (Patrick and Johannes)
  • WP8: e-Book Chapter 10 Inversion and Validaztion to be written (deadline 30.April, https://www.overleaf.com/7944028kndcytkygdjg#/27984471/)
  • WP8: Write e-mail to Rolf and Neus for getting information about their chapters
  • WP5: 3He ratios for the Fermi lat events (Patrick and Bernd).