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The Christian-Albrechts-University is member of eduroam, if you have an eduroam account from your home institute, you can use it to connect to the wireless network on campus. If you do not have an eduroam account, ask us for a temporary account.


The WAK guesthouse offer free WLAN, but you need a user account and a password, and accept the conditions for use. You will receive your username and password in your mailbox at the WAK on monday evening.


The local newspaper Kieler-Nachrichten offers access to a KN-free-WLAN at several locations in the city, for example at the central train station. You need to accept the usage conditions (AGBs) once before you can access the network.


Kielius offers free access to WLAN on the bus. The access code is show on the information card. Since bus is moving, the connection may not always be reliable.