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Public Transportation in Kiel

From Kiel central station or anywhere in the city you can travel easily by public transport with busses and ferries. A weekly bus pass (Kiel up to Laboe, extra charge for using the ferry) will be included in your welcome package. You need to enter the bus through the front door and show your ticket to (or buy a ticket from) the driver. You can plan your trip with or oeffi, but there are also printed timetables at all bus stops, many stops have electronic timetables as well.

To the University

The summer school is hosted by the Extraterrestrial Physics group in the Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. The lecture room is at Leibnizstrasse 11 in room 309 (LS11/309). The main entrance is just across the University library (but stop Universitätsbibliothek). A few more busses stop at Leibnizstrasse, as short walk from LS11. The University is well connected to the city and the WAK guest house. The nearest bus stops are:

  • Universitätsbibliothek: (bus 50, 81)
  • Leibnizstrasse (bus 6, 61, 62).

From WAK guesthouse to the University

The guest house of the Wirtschaftsakademie is located at Hans-Detlev-Prien-Straße 8. You can walk in about 30 minutes, or take the bus for 10 minutes. The busses leave at different stops (check the time table) and all but bus 6 require a change to bus 50, 61, 62, or 81 (or a bit of walking).

  • bus 91 direction Melsdorf, stop Schleusenstrasse (Monday-Saturday) - change at Universität/Westring
  • bus 92 direction Hauptbahnhof, stop Knorrstrasse (Sunday) - change at Universität/Westring
  • bus 501/502 direction Flintbek/Schulensee, stop Schleusenstrasse - change at Waitzstrasse/Holtenauerstrasse
  • bus 11 direction Dietrichsdorf, stop Auberg - change at Waitzstrasse/Holtenauerstrasse
  • bus 6 direction Hassee, stop Knorrstrasse (Monday-Friday) - direct connection to Leibnizstrase

From ZOB/HBf (central bus/train station) to WAK

  • bus 501/502 direction Strande, get off at Schleusenstrasse
  • bus 900/901 direction Krusendorf, get off at Schleusenstrasse
  • bus 11 direction Wik, get off at Knorrstrasse or Auberg
  • bus 91 direction Friedrichsort, get off at Schleusenstrasse
  • bus 92 direction Wik, get off at Knorrstrasse

From ZOB/HBf to the University

  • bus 81 direction Botanischer Garten, get off at Universitätsbibliothek
  • bus 50 direction Botanischer Garten, get off at Universitätsbibliothek (do not take 51!)
  • bus 61/62 direction Suchsdorf/Projensdorf, get off at Leibnizstrasse


Several Taxi companies operate in Kiel. You can find taxis waiting at stops at several places in the city, including the train station, but you can call a taxi to pick you up, for example

  • Mare Taxi/Vineta +49 431 7 70 70 (collaborates with Kielius/KielExx from/to Hamburg Airport)
  • Kiel Taxi + 49 431 68 01 01


You can rent bicycles at several places in Kiel ( radstation at the central train station, bekpek hostel, Hamburger Chaussee )