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Please tell us about your food preferences for the BBQ and Conference Dinner by August 15th. For the BBQ you can select everything you would like to eat, however for the Conference Dinner please select only one dish (seafood is recommended!).


We offer breakfast (from Monday - Friday) at the Institute (LS11, 4th floor, room 416) from 08:30 till 09:00. We will provide fresh breakfast rolls, jam, cheese, cereal, coffee, tea, juice, yoghurt. If you have special food requirements, please let us know in advance.


During the lunch breaks (from Monday - Friday) we will take the bus to Mensa I (departure at 13:03 or 13:05, every 15 minutes), alternatively you can walk up the hill for 10 minutes. We may have a room reserved for us. You receive a meal ticket for every day, you can get one main dish, one desert, and one drink for this ticket. Please return unused meal tickets to us, so that we do not have to pay for any extra meals.

Lunch Menu


Dinner is not included in the summerschool, except for the BBQ on sunday evening and the conference dinner. The WAK guesthouse offers a shared kitchen per floor where you can prepare and eat your meals, supermarkets are close by. If you don't want to cook yourself, there a few restaurants close to the WAK:

Closer to the University, there is a larger selection of (student) restaurants in and close to Holtenauer Strasse:

Old town area

North of the Kiel-Canal: Holtenau/Schilksee/Strande

  • Hafenwirtschaft
  • Luzifer
  • Goldfisch
  • Riva im Strandhotel
  • ...