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  • where will the summerschool take place?
Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Leibnizstr 11, 24118 Kiel (map)
  • where is the WAK guesthouse?
Hans-Detlev-Prien Strasse 10, 24106 Kiel (map)
  • on which dates is the accommodation available?
the WAK guesthouse is available from Saturday Aug 27 until Sunday Sep 4 (but tell us your dates so we can book your room and get the key to you!)
  • The rooms will be for 2 persons each, or more?
all rooms are single rooms, you can not share them with another person
  • Will we need to have a laptop with us, or we can use a computer at the school?
you can bring a laptop (for taking notes, email), but all exercises will be done on our computers (you will only have access to these computers during the exercises)