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WAK guesthouse

Rooms for all students have been booked in the WAK (Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein) guesthouse. The guesthouse is located at Hans-Detlev-Prien-Straße 8, 24106 Kiel. Guesthouse.jpg

Then entrance is on the right side of the building, you will need to enter your PIN code at the keypad to open the door. Entrance.jpg

Take the elevator to your room (4th or 5th floor). The single rooms are 14m² and all have their own bathroom. One set of bed sheets and two towels are in your room, if you need additional towels (bath or kitchen towels), you should bring your own. Each floor with 16 rooms has a shared kitchen where you can eat and cook and store your food in a lockable fridge. Please clean up after yourself, wash the dishes, sort the trash and bring the trash to the trashcans near to the entrance. A small shopping area is nearby (Aldi, Famila), you will find many more shops and restaurants all along Holtenauerstrasse.

There is a lounge in the basement, as well as laundry and dryer next to the mailboxes. To use the washing machines, you need to buy a token from the office (on the ground floor, straight ahead from the entrance, open weekdays from 08-17 hours).

When you leave, please return your keys to the office, or, if it is closed, drop it into the mailbox next to the elevator.